Standard Mfg DP12 $1350

The innovative design and guaranteed functionality of Standard Manufacturing's DP-12 is well ahead of it's time. The first of its kind, the DP-12 is a premium defense, double-barreled, pump 12-gauge shotgun that

quickly fires 16 rounds. Designed for the most discerning shooters who demand extreme firepower and require consistent reliability. The spreader choke tubes are designed to shoot a devastating pattern at 25 yards. The choke tubes have Tru-Choke thread patterns. The stock has a QR code you can scan with your smartphone or tablet to download the manual and other


           Island M5 12g $250

Mossberg 500 SP $325

The Mossberg 500 Special Purpose shotgun is a low-maintenance pump action

shotgun perfect for security needs. This model utilizes an aluminum alloy

receiver and twin action bars for smooth and reliable operation, and the

barrel is fully interchangeable. The Mossberg 500 Special Purpose features

an easily-manipulated, top-of-receiver-mounted safety, an anti-jam

elevator, and dual extractors.

his model features a pistol grip kit and Parkerized finish.