Sunday 11/12/17

All in stock handguns $30 over cost

Taurus PT111/140 G2 $250

The Taurus Millennium G2 is the ideal concealed carry handgun and features a Picatinny rail, high-profile sights, a textured grip, and melted edges for added comfort and easy concealment. This model also features a loaded chamber indicator and the Taurus Security System (TSS), which can be engaged with a key to prevent operation of the manual safety and the trigger.

Remington RM380 $300

Every feature of the RM380 has been fine tuned to deliver unfailing

function with unrivaled accuracy and control in the most extreme conditions on each. The RM380 features all metal construction with front strap checkering, undercut trigger guard, ambidextrous mag release, fully functional slide stop, smooth DOA trigger, removable /replaceable grip

panels, and rugged no-snag fixed sights. It is the most complete fusion of confidence and concealment for Every Day Carry. This model has a black oxide anodized aluminum frame, black grip panels, and a black steel slide. It ships with one flush fit magazine and one extended magazine.

Remington R51 $300

The Remington Model R51 is fine-tuned by Remington engineers to deliver intuitive shootability so you can be ready and stay safe when it matters most. To lessen muzzle flip and dramatically reduce recoil, the R51 features an optimized grip angle and Pedersen block design. The locked breech design allows for higher pressures compared to simple blowback pistols, perfect for 9mm +P ammo. This subcompact pistol has a light slide racking force, low bore axis, and a positive grip safety. With a 3.4" barrel and smooth, rounded edges, the R51 conceals easily and deploys like lightning. It comes with two 7-round magazines.

Taurus 709 $200

The Taurus 709 Slim is a compact 9mm pistol perfect for concealed carry.The 19 oz pistol is less than an inch thick and features Taurus' unique SA/DA trigger system. The Taurus 709 Slim also features fixed sights, a visual loaded chamber indicator, and the unique Taurus Security System.

Taurus 740 SS $265

The popular Slim series comes in .40 caliber for more carry options-in addition to the original 9mm frame. This dynamic, 7/8" wide semi-auto gives nothing away under the lightest T-shirts or polos with its remarkably lean,lightweight design, but still steps up with big firepower, remarkable features and top-end performance. Pistols are available with a stainless or matte finish. They also feature crisp trigger pull, adjustable rear sight, loaded chamber indicator, finger indexing Taurus memory pad, strike two

trigger system, and Taurus security system.

Taurus 738TCP $200

The 738 Taurus Compact Pistol (TCP) is the lightest semi-auto in the Taurus line. It has an ergonomic polymer grip/frame, and sports a slide stop and low profile fixed sights. The 738 TCP offers 6+1 shots of .380 ACP. Made in

the USA

Honor Defense HG9SC $375

Honor Defense Honor Guard Sub-Compact pistols are sized to be the perfect carry companion at 4.6" in height and 9mm +P rated. It features a custom designed grip with an advanced texture for better control, serrations going over the top of the slide for easier racking, snag-free sights that won't catch on clothes when drawing the pistol, and a short, crisp trigger with a short re-set for more accurate shooting. No trigger pull or tool is needed for disassembly. Honor Guard pistols have an ambidextrous slide catch and ambidextrous magazine release, as well as two (2) backstrap sizes to customize the fit. It has a black polymer frame with stainless steel modular chassis. The stainless steel barrel and slide have a black ferric nitro-carburized finish. It includes two (2) magazines (7-round and 8-round). Honor Defense is 100% Made in the USA and assembled by Veterans.

his model weighs in at just 22 ounces with a 3.2" barrel and 6.2" overall length.

S&W SD9VE $325

S&W SD40VE $325

The SD VE features an SDT (Self Defense Trigger) for optimal, consistent pull first round to last. The polymer grip frame has a slim ergonomic textured grip, textured finger locator, aggressive front and backstrap texturing, and Picatinny-style front rail. The stainless steel slide features front and rear serrations and it fitted with 3-dot white sights. his two tone model has a black frame with a satin finish stainless steel slide.

S&W 642 $425

The Smith & Wesson J-Frame has become the most popular small frame personal defense revolver on the market. With decades of reliable performance to its credit, this J-frame line offers models capable of firing .38 S&W Special. Some models have no internal locks. The LadySmith is also included in this

line of 642 model revolvers.

S&W 442 Lasermax $500

When you need a lightweight carry revolver, you turn to Smith & Wessons small frame airweight series. They are the original aluminum, small frame

revolvers that have become the first choice for those who insist on an all

steel small frame revolver with greater recoil and proven performance.

Beretta Pico $300

Super thin, ultra conceable, and easy to configure, the Beretta Pico sets a new standard for the micro compact carry pistol. The Pico is the thinnest .380 auto made by a millimeter. The Pico's snag-free slide and frame is a true 18 mm at the widest point. The grip frame, sights, and caliber are all simple to modify. (It can go from a .380 to a .32ACP by changing the barrel.) Extremely soft shooting with a double action trigger, the Pico is easy to control with its smooth, tip-to-parallel, straight line action. The

removable, serialized sub-chassis and modular frame feature simple

disassembly for easy cleaning and customizing. The dovetail quick-change sights can be adjusted or replaced by the user. Light, durable, and easy to draw from concealment, the Pico brings all the reliability and quality of a Beretta to bear on its standing as the leader of a new generation of concealed carry firearms.

Bersa Thunder 380 $300

The Thunder .380 has earned a worldwide reputation of quality and is truly one of the best performance-for-price buys on the market. It's lightweight, small-frame and ideal capacity combines with Bersa's time-tested reliability and accuracy to make the Thunder .380 an excellent choice for personal protection

Charter U/cover $350

At 16 oz., this five-shot .38 Special revolver is compact and lightweight.

Its 2-inch barrel, stainless steel frame, double action and superior safety features makes it ideal for concealed carry situations. It's a perfect compromise between size, weight and stopping power. The undercover DAO is available in a stainless or blued finish with a black rubber grip.

Ruger SR22 $350

The Ruger SR22 is lightweight and perfect for just about anything--plinking, target shooting, and even small game hunting. This model is easy to field strip, fun to shoot, and will run reliably with a wide variety of ammunition (not just high-velocity). The Ruger SR22 features two grip options, two 10-round magazines, a Picatinny rail with multiple cross slots, and an ambidextrous thumb safety/decocking lever and

magazine release.

ATI 1911 4.25 $425

The ATI Firepower Xtreme 45ACP 1911 pistol series from Shooters Arms Manufacturing is available in 5 different models. From classic military and competition to bull barrel designs, the FX 1911 series features all steel parts, solid mahogany grips, and a price point that won't break the bank. The FX series is compatible with many different brands of 1911 magazines,

and it is certain to have the 1911 pistol enthusiast set for hours of

satisfactory shooting.

ATI 1911 5inch $425

The ATI Firepower Xtreme 45ACP 1911 pistol series from Shooters Arms Manufacturing is available in 5 different models. From classic military and competition to bull barrel designs, the FX 1911 series features all steel parts, solid mahogany grips, and a price point that won't break the bank. The FX series is compatible with many different brands of 1911 magazines, and it is certain to have the 1911 pistol enthusiast set for hours of satisfactory shooting.

Ruger LCP $225

Ruger LCP II $300

The Ruger LCPII is a Rugged, compact, comfortable pocket pistol. The LCPII is chambered in 380ACP and has a capacity of 6+1. It comes with a finger grip extension floorplate that can be added to magazines for added comfort and grip. The textured grip frame provides a comfortable and secure grip

and has a larger grip surface for better distribution of the recoil forces.

The grip frame's one-piece construction is made of high-performance glass-filled nylon making it both lightweight and strong. This lightweight compact pistol utilizes a blued 2.75" alloy steel barrel with 1:16RH twist

rate that fits seamlessly inside the through-hardened alloy steel slide.

The integral front and rear fixed sights are designed for superior

visibility. The trigger has a short, crisp single action trigger pull with

safety being incorporated into the trigger.

Springfield XD-E $500

The XD-E is comfortable and accurate. It has a low effort slide, exposed hammer, SA/DA trigger, and GripZone which provides active texture that matches your grasp like a handshake, improves stability, and feels incredible. The magazine holds up to eight rounds and has a grip x-tension.

Springfield XD subcompact $450

The Sub-Compact 3" XD pistol is the ultimate in self defense firearms. It

is the shortest carry polymer pistol in the world that features the only

light rail in its class. The Essentials Package includes a black XD pistol

with a 3" barrel, one magazine, bore brush, and a case, in addition to a

cable lock and manual.

Diamondback DB9 $200

The Diamondback DB9 is a micro-compact 9mm automatic polymer framed pistol made entirely in the USA. Designed with safety in mind, the DB9 features a "Zero-Energy" striker firing system with a mechanical firing pin block, a steel magazine catch to secure a sheet metal magazine and real windage-adjustable sights, all in a lightweight pistol. A steel trigger with dual connecting bars allows for a crisp, smooth, five pound DAO trigger pull. The DB9 features an FEA (Finite Element Analysis)-designed

slide and barrel that are stronger than any comparable firearm, resulting in durability with less felt recoil. The absence of removable pins and tools makes field stripping easier than ever, and this pistol features real windage-adjustable sights. The slide, barrel, and internal parts are coated to resist corrosion. It is available in several different model options, including the exclusive EXO nickel boron slide finish, an extended compensated barrel, night sights, or colored frames.

EAA Pavona 380 $350

The Witness Pavona Polymer Pistol is compact, easy to load, and easy to

control. It offers a lightweight, ergonomic grip in a distinct, compact,

smooth, sparkling polymer frame. Tanfoglio kept the traditional external

hammer, so when the hammer is cocked with the safety engaged, before slide movement, the hammer spring is depressed thus allowing the slide to move easier during loading. The Witness Pavona is elegantly packaged and sparkles when it is held

HK VP9 $550

The VP Series is Heckler & Koch's first striker-fired HK since the P7

series pistols introduced in the 1980s. It is well-suited for civilian

sport shooting, security, military, and law enforcement use. The VP Series

integrates a striker firing system with an enhanced, HK "light pull" trigger. HK's cold hammer-forged barrel made from cannon grade steel

ensures long service life, as does the polygonal bore profile which also

provides a slight increase in muzzle velocity. The VP uses HK's rgonomic

handgun grip design that includes three changeable backstraps and six side panels, accommodating all hand sizes. Molded finger grooves in the pistol's grip position an operator's hand for optimal shooting. An extended Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rail molded into its polymer frame for mounting lights and accessories. All controls are completely ambidextrous. Slide

releases are present on both sides of the frame, and the paddle-style

magazine release can be easily activated by left- or right-handed shooters.A unique VP feature is HK's patented rear-mounted charging supports on each side of the slide provide better gripping leverage for racking the slide

rearward. The machined steel slide is protected from corrosion and wear by HK's hostile environment finish and all metal components, including springs and pins have superior metallurgy. VP pistols use proven HK P30 steel magazines.

his model comes with 3-Dot sights, and includes two (2), 15-round magazines.